Zaira Wasim in Bigg Boss Season 13?

Zaira Wasim Bigg Boss
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Bigg Boss 13 is just a few months away and there a new rumor every day. This time, the rumor is about the ex-Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim. The reason she is called an ex-Bollywood actress is that she recently quit her Bollywood acting career, which means she won't be acting in any Bollywood movie in the future. She got famous in Bollywood after acting in the movie 'Dangal'.

After she posted about her quitting Bollywood, everyone thought it was either fake or her social media got hacked. But, later, she accepted that she is quitting Bollywood for real and her social media profiles weren't hacked.

After being the big name on social media for the past few days, it is rumored that she has been approached by Bigg Boss official team requesting her to be a part of the show. According to the information, it seems that she is interested in being part of the Bigg Boss show.

It is a known fact that Bigg Boss always chooses a controversial star to be a contestant in the show. There is no questioning about Bigg Boss team asking Zaira Wasim to be a part of Bigg Boss 13. If she takes part in the show, you can do Bigg Boss 13 Vote online and offline to save her from elimination.

Since Zaira didn't talk much about her quitting Bollywood, it would be great if she would take part in the show as we can know all the facts about the situation in a more detailed manner.

Bigg Boss 13 starting date is 29 September. It is not yet officially confirmed but it is most likely around that date only. Also, Bigg Boss 13 contestants list is not out yet. It is expected that there would be no chance for commoners to take part in the show. Also, it is confirmed that Salman Khan is hosting Bigg Boss 13 this year. Salman Khan Remuneration for hosting the show shocked everyone as it was around 400 crores for the entire season.

This season will start on September 29 and most likely to end on 12 January 2020. For more updates, check our site.

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