Bigg Boss 13 Start Date: When Will Bigg Boss Season 13 Start?

Bigg Boss 13 Start Date is one of the most rising questions right now about Bigg Boss 13. In this article, you will know when this year's Bigg Boss TV Show starts. Literally, everyone in India is eagerly waiting for the arrival of the show. The audience is so interested in this TV program and the craze for the show is getting higher and higher every season.

In case if you don't know what Bigg Boss show is, then here a short information about it. Bigg Boss is one of the biggest TV shows in India. There will be a good number of contestants in the show and only one contestant can win the title and prize money. For that, they need to face all the challenges and stay in the so-called 'Bigg Boss House' for around 100 days. In the show, one contestant gets eliminated every week and we can sometimes see that there are wildcard entries as well. To win the show, you need to win the heart of the audience. The audience is the judge and audience vote through Bigg Boss 13 Vote online as well as offline. The show is also running successfully in other languages as well including Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam.

Below is the information about Bigg Boss 13 Date.
Bigg Boss 13 Start Date
Bigg Boss 13 Start Date     Image: CatchNews

Bigg Boss 13 Start Date

Bigg Boss 13 Audition is going to take place very soon and after that, the official start date of Bigg Boss Season 13 will hopefully be launched. The official date is not yet confirmed by the Bigg Boss team but the prediction is made about that.

Bigg Boss 13 will be starting around the 29th September 2019. The date is not official but the date is around this date only. We will update the date when the official date gets announced.

Mark the date guys, get ready for the upcoming entertaining season of Bigg Boss Hindi.

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